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5 ways to kill your website

There once was this individual I knew who built a beautiful store. He hired a contractor who created a place that everyone would want to enjoy. He also carried a wide selection of amazing and custom design products. A year later he closed his store. 


He decided to save money he would never let anyone know about his store, other than his close friends. He then never made any changes to his store, his products were always the same and anyone who did come to his store found it confusing. So they never came back and he closed the door on his dream. 

Let's take this illustration and move it over to our website. We can build our website and have it beautifully designed. Then when it is not successful we look to various sources, but if you're truly looking to kill your website make sure to follow these five steps. 

1. Never Advertise 

A great way to kill your website is to never let anyone know that your website exists.

The internet is like giving someone a 20 million page phone book and expecting them to come across your website immediately, fall in love with it, tell their friends, and you will be an overnight sensation. Reality check 

Reality check, it doesn't work like that.  

Getting visitors on your website is a lot of hard work and requires some form of advertising. Put your website on every advertisement you have. Start advertising online.  

2. Never use your website 

Another great way to kill your website is to never actually use it. With no new content and a stale site, visitors will become bored with it and never return. 

Add quality content to your site, finish those pages you have been holding off on. Web sites are dynamic, ever changing. 

When you move into a home you have an ever list of changes that you wish to accomplish and eventually over time you pick away at them until your home becomes the home you dream of. Websites are the same. Never be satisfied, always be looking to improve. 

3. Never update your core 

If your website is on any kind of CMS (Content Management System) a great way to kill your website is to never update with security patches. 

Make sure to subscribe to your CMS updates alert feed or check into your website weekly, you're going to be adding in content weekly anyways right ;). 

4. Never use analytics 

If you never pay attention to what is going on then you will not be able to fix it. If you never install or pay attention to your analytics then you will never know what is broken. Why do we take our vehicle to the mechanic? 

Why do we take our vehicle to the mechanic for an inspection? They will be able to spot things that are happening and what needs to be changed so that our vehicle operates better.  

Why do we install analytics? To give us feedback on how effective our website is and help us takes steps to improve our site for our visitors so they will return.

5. Never update for better user experience

The final way, although there are much more, is to never update the usability of your website. The way that others interact with your website is always different than the way you do. 

The way that you find a certain page on your site is different than the way I do. 

Making sure that a process is as easy to understand for as many people as possible is essential in creating a successful website. However, if you are looking to kill a site, then make sure to never ask questions, make updates or clean up bottlenecks in your site. 

How are you doing with your website? What do you need to improve and how can we help you? Contact us. 


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